Sunday, August 4, 2013

Little Haystack, Mount Lincoln, Mount Lafayette (7/10/13)

Little Haystack
--3 mi one way--

Mt. Lincoln
--.7 mi (from Little Haystack)--

Mt. Lafayette
--.9 mi (from Lincoln OR 3.8 mi from trail head via Old Bridle Path)--

To get to the trail head, travel on I-93 (either N or S) take exit 32. There is parking on both sides of the high way. Parking is FREE. 

My friends and I decided to ascend via Falling Waters Trail, then travel on Franconia Ridge Trail, and descend via Old Bridle Path. I was told that going down Falling Waters Trail was difficult so I wanted to try going up it. By going up, we were able to look at beautiful waterfalls! The trail wasn't that bad, although this day it was since it was raining. Very slippery. 

the Princess

::Little Haystack & Mt. Lincoln::

When we got to the summit of Little Haystack, it was really cold, rainy, and foggy. While hiking on the Franconia Ridge, we had to hide multiple times behind rocks to get away from the 60 mph winds! We couldn't tell which peak was the summit of Lincoln. Nor could we see more than 10 ft in front of us. 

1.7 miles from Little Haystack to Lafayette

::Mt. Lafayette::

By the time we got to the summit of Lafayette, winds were stronger and it was a lot colder! We didn't stay up at the summit too long! 

We made our 1.1 mile descent down to the Greenleaf Hut where we got out of the pouring rain for a bit. They had the most delicious peanut butter and chocolate bars I have ever tasted!! Those made my day!!! 

From the Greenleaf Hut, we had 2.7 more miles to go to reach the trailhead...we did it in the pouring rain, thunder, lighting...and who could forget about that mountain lion! The Old Bridle Path was EXTREMELY slippery! Majority of the time we were crab walking down the slabs of rock. I banged my knee into a stump, blood was shed on hands...its was a good time. LOL. 

The end result of my trip: ruined map, soaked back pack which I hung up for a week to dry, and all of my belongings laid out on the floor.