Monday, July 21, 2014

Mount Avalon, Mount Field, Mount Tom (6/29/2014)

Mt. Avalon
--1.9 mi from trailhead--

Mt. Field
--1 mi from Avalon--

Mt. Tom
--1.5 mi from Field--
--3 mi to trailhead--

--7.4 mi total--

Trailhead Parking: Free

The trailhead is located at Crawford Depot/AMC Highland Center. The typical route for Field and Tom is going up Mt. Willey. We decided to just do a smaller loop.

The Avalon Trial starts off very easy. 

The river crossing right before you start gaining elevation.

After 1.4 mi you reach the intersection. From this, we continued on Avalon Trail. It was STEEP!

View from Mt. Avalon

Continuing to Mt. Field

Only view on Field. Looking at the Mt. Washington Hotel

It was SOOOOO buggy up at the top. We wanted to have lunch there but decided to eat on the go.

Off to Mt. Tom. 

The summit.

On our way back down to the car we decided to take a small detour to look at a couple cascades at the last 1.4 miles. 

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